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Dentistry over the years has changed in many ways; technologically, better procedures, and  increased medical knowledge. This practice takes pride in the saying "the best offense is a good defense". By this we put in place a preventive program. The program uses cooperation to maintain excellent oral health for our patients. The overall goal of the program is to preserve your current oral condition by preventing any problems before they occur, and preventing any chronic dental diseases from reoccurring. 

Preventing dental diseases (both short and long term) starts at home. It begins at home proper oral hygiene (brushing techniques, flossing, mouthwash, and balanced diet). The prevention then carries into regular visits to the dental office with the cooperation of the dentist to promote, fix any new conditions and most importantly maintain your oral health.

Prevention overall includes regular dental exams which involves cleanings and x-rays (to detect any new or upcoming problems). We strive on practicing preventive (non invasive) dentistry, so we also recommend sealants and fluoride treatments to better protect your teeth for years to come!

Why do we practice and promote preventive dentistry?

We are making things easier for you in the long run. By helping you avoid high costs for something that could have been avoided. Overall we feel prevention is the key to maintaining a healthy, beautiful and confident smile.


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