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When you visit us here at AAA Dental for a Dental Exam, it will consist of a series of tests and procedures. The Dental Exam is a way for us to gauge your overall oral health and from there we can personally give you a plan of action for now, next week, next month and next year.

We take a full set of x-rays for your upper and lower teeth:
- This will help us detect; bone loss, bone decay, tumors, and lastly will help us determine current tooth position so we can predict any future problems and solve them before they happen.

Oral Cancer Screening:
- We typically check the throat, neck, face, lips and gums for any signs of oral cancer.
- We use a very new technology called VELscope it uses a special LED light to detect the difference between normal growth and irregular growth.
- The results are available instantly, if suspicious growth is detected a tissue biopsy is sent to a lab and results are back in about 1 week or less.
- This is the most important test we run because when and if oral cancer is detected early the survival rate is over 85%.
- Oral cancer is detected in the advanced stages over 70% of the time.  

More on the VELscope

Periodontal (gum) disease evaluation:
- This involves checking the gums and bone around the teeth to check for any signs of periodontal disease.
- When detected early this can be treated fairly easily

Tooth Decay examination:
- Scaling dental instruments are used to check all surfaces of the tooth (painless)

Previous dental restorations or other types of dental appliances:
- This involves a check of previous fillings, crowns, bridges, or any other dental appliances such as veneers or partials 

Professional Dental Cleaning  (dental prophylaxis)
- The last part of the appointment is focused not just on cleaning the teeth (superficially) but to also exam the oral cavity for other problems

Cleanings consist of four parts:

- Remove any tartar- hardened plaque that has been left on the tooth over time. Our only option is to remove it using special dental instruments (painless and no needles involved) 
- Remove any plaque (painless and no needles involved)
- Polish All Teeth (painless and no needles involved)
- Discuss overall exam results and future treatments



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