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Sleep Apnea/Snoring   

Sleep Apnea/Snoring is a disorder that affects millions of Americans each and every year. This disorder is dangerous in more ways than one; it is commonly misdiagnosed, under diagnosed or it is not taken serious. We all know people who snore (spouses, friends, family), the only thing some people know is that its annoying. Truly this disorder can cause direct and indirect problems with the persons health and well being.
Its nothing to be embarrassed about, Dr. Ulrich has one the snoring prevention appliances that he makes for patients. His wife could not be happier!! Along with his wife being happy, Dr. Ulrich does report feeling more awake in the morning. Why is this you may ask?
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Sleep Apnea/Snoring is characterized by the reduction of airflow while sleeping. This includes the persons breathing pattern to pause for 10 seconds or longer. There have been extreme cases of 50 seconds or longer. Signs include loud and frequent snoring, gasping for a breath, pauses in typical breathing pattern. More often than not, the person you share the bed with will spot the first signs of sleep apnea/snoring.
Just remember its not just annoying, its a real disorder with real health problems in the short term and long term.
If you or a loved one are seeing signs of this, we invite you in for a no pressure consultation. At Smiles on 6th, we pride ourselves on helping others find solutions to their problems one patient at a time.

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